Our home study program will help expand your abilities to treat today’s health challenges effectively
The emphasis of this DVD Series is on integrating the principles of Auriculotherapy and Auricular Medicine with the concepts of ‘The Disease Process’ and ‘Reactional Modes’ as presented by Mikhael Adams, B.Sc.,N.D. This SERIES of DVD’s are recordings of live lectures and teaching on Auricular Medicine by Dr. Mikhael Adams.

Mikhael Adams has developed the ‘Steps to Healing’ which serves as a foundation for the treatment protocols presented. This foundation combined with the skills of Auriculotherapy, and Auricular Medicine gives the practitioner a reliable method to move the patient in the direction of healing. Each series consists of approximately 12 hours of educational material.

The information in this Nine Series Program is based on the twenty five years of clinical and teaching experience of Dr. Mikhael Adams.

Each Series is targeted to a specific aspect of Auricular And Bioenergetic Medicine that is used in Mikhael and Alison’s practice. The Homeopathic and Drainage information is presented in context to Auricular Medicine for its implementation. Mikhael Adams has lectured in North America for the past twenty five years on Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy and Homeopathy. You will find this information as well, integrated with his method of assessment and treatment using Auricular Medicine. This DVD Series is intended for practitioners and students that have a basic understanding of Anatomy and Physiology and a background in Human Sciences.

Alison Adams, D.Ac., OAATCM, presents an overview of assessing the Emotional Body and practical applications for the treatment of emotional, physical and mental imbalances. A study of the assimilation process is explored as it relates to the blockages found in the Auricular Medicine Filtering Protocol. As a Medical Intuitive, Alison shares a new perspective of assessing the subtler aspects of the disease state as it presents itself in the individual using Auricular Medicine as a confirmational tool.

This Series of Lectures has been developed to meet the needs of today’s practitioner. We must have a deep understanding of the disease state found in individuals and a method that assesses on the individual basis rather than on the reliance of blanket protocols and treatments. The information presented in this series gives the tools to accurately assess the individual’s needs and a method to confidently determine an appropriate course of treatment that places the integrity back in the individual for them to resolve the disease states as it is expressed on all levels.

To embark on this home study program is to accept an invitation to challenge yourself and expand your abilities to treat today’s health challenges effectively. As a practitioner, you will have the tools to facilitate the individual to move in the direction of healing at a pace that helps them build a foundation of healthful habits and lifestyle choices.

Demonstrations are included in the series showing the implementation of the material covered as well as discussions on specific case studies. Each series is approximately twelve hours of the most current recorded live lectures on Auricular Medicine by Mikhael Adams, N.D.., and Alison Adams, D.Ac.

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