Meet your colleagues in an informal setting and hone your skills learned in the DVD series, as well as the current developements of Dr. Mikhael Adams protocols
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Auricular Medicine Seminar
with Dr. Mikhael Adams, N.D.

Mikhael Adams, N.D., has been lecturing in North America on Drainage, Homeopathy, and Auricular Medicine for over 20 years. The opportunity to study with him is to accept an invitation to expand your abilities in addressing the complexity of treating health issues that face us today. Auricular Medicine is an accurate method of assessing the roots of disease states and working with the body to facilitate healing on all levels, not just from a symptom perspective. With Auricular Medicine it is possible to determine the correct remedies and treatment that will bring the individual into a state of balance so they become self-healing and self-regulating. There is not another tool that is as thorough, effective or accurate in assessing and treating the true health state of the individual.

Using the Auricular Protocol that Dr. Adams has developed ensures that the blockages are detected and treated so that the body can better utilize the remedies to regain a state of health & vitality. Much of the work that has been done with Auricular Medicine over the past twenty years has been based on Mikhael Adams Filter Protocols. There will be new Auricular Medicine Diagnostic Information as well as his current Treatment Protocols. Demonstrations as well as hands on work will be facilitated. Anyone who has ever attended any of Dr. Adams presentations or seminars will tell you, his approach to medicine, has the ability to make treating individuals with Cancer, Auto- Immune Disorders, and very challenging health conditions see that this can be the beginning of life for them, rather than the limited "symptom management approach" they are programmed to expect. This is an incredible opportunity to learn a tool that will enable you to assess, test, and develop treatment plans, and prescribe remedies and therapies that support the client's ability to respond to their individual health challenges.

Medical Intuition & Inner Alchemy
with Alison Feather Adams, D.Ac.
Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than you are currently experiencing? This five day workshop is for anyone who has a desire to learn how to perceive at the energetic level using Medical Intuition. We live in a time that requires us to embrace the intuitive abilities within us to discern the changing world around us. This course offers a structure specific to working with the body, but he skills have many applications in everyday life. We will be discussing and exploring the possibilities that open for you in your life by using your intuition and aligning with your highest potential that ultimately places you in line with total health. This is a practical workshop. You will be learning and practicing a structure for accurately reporting and tracking the blockages and disease states found within the body. We will learn to differentiate between the energy of the client's body and the energy of the conscious mind. We begin by defining the levels of perception. This gives us a framework that we apply to the Medical Intuition body scans and also to the Process of Inner Alchemy of journeying within to resolve inner conflict. This workshop is not offered exclusively to health practitioners. To attend the only requirement is a genuine desire to develop your intuition and be prepared to embark on living life from a fuller awareness based on what energy reveals.

This workshop is about how to connect with the energetic body. Becoming the observer, and reporter of what the body shows us and reveals to us. We learn to follow the energy and to be guided by the wisdom of the body, not the mind. We will be finding blockages, sourcing them to the root of the dis-ease state, past the symptoms to the inner conflict, the source of dis-ease found within the individual, as well as,recognizing and tracking, miasms, overlays, and past lives relevant to a current experience. Medical Intuition can be done in person with a client or by distance. We will have feedback to validate our findings throughout the workshop. To resonate with another creates the opportunity for us to heal the part of them that remains with us. Which leads us to...

Inner Alchemy
You will also learn: The concept of 'clearing energy'- another's energy that sticks with us because of a frequency we carry within ourself that is yearning to be recognized and healed.

How to follow the energy to reveal our sensitivity, to embrace it in its truth, to allow the higher wisdom within us to see the opportunity it has provided for us to heal. Forgiveness and realization of the potential within us to move forward to a greater experience of ourselves by standing, living and speaking our truth from a place of compassion. Learn to transform the subconscious blockages, cellular memories that have been encapsulated in our bodies that have created our delusions and limited perception of ourselves. Inner Alchemy is a journey that sets us free to experience who we really are.

Our time together is precious and provides us all the opportunity to experience energy and consciousness in everyday life as individuals and as One.

The Medical Intuition & Auricular Medicine are complete programs in themselves but the two naturally integrate with one another, and can be of great value integrated with your current skills and modalities.

For current workshop dates and locations please contact The Renascent Integral Health Centre at 905.878.9994 or email

What participants have had to say about these workshops...

"As a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing I came to the Medical Intuition and Inner Alchemy Workshop intrigued. I left at the end carrying knowledge and experience that has become invaluable to me in my practice. Alison Adams' sacred and powerful teachings have provided me with valuable techniques and profound insight into the way I can best assist my clients in their healing journey.

The internal wisdoms, the HSP skills, and the experientials that were taught helped me not only to discover but also to strengthen the power of my intuition. Working with the physical plane (even down to the cellular level), the emotional plane and the spiritual one, I learned to observe and listen to the body's reaction to wounding; how it expresses it's longing for wellness and balance. I left the workshop changed forever. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.

In truth there are no words to describe the incredible experience I had at this workshop."

- Natalia Kuzyk

"It is the best, most moving workshop I have ever participated in. I would have said that even before all the growth I have had since.

I had first been drawn to Alison's workshop by a desire to develop my intuitive abilities in what I thought would be a concrete way. What I learned was the groundwork for a very profound and gentle technique that has a power beyond my expectations. Alison is amazing in her ability to hold the energy of this powerful workshop. I am most grateful for her honesty, integrity and the support she offered to all."

- Cherri Campbell

"My experience with Mikhael's teaching up to that point had been all video & audio information. Being there in person brought a whole new magnitude of understanding and appreciation of his teachings. I liked the fact that he really wanted us to get the concepts and generously make himself available for questions, clarifications & examples. The handouts were very helpful, particularly the charts on the auricular protocol.

The workshop was well thought out before hand and I felt the format provided enough lecture time as well as free time to assimilate both the material and beautiful surroundings. I especially benefited from the pulse practice sessions which are critical in learning the skills so important to this auricular practice. I also appreciated immensely meeting other colleagues from all over the map who include people who have been using auricular in their practices or interested in doing so. It was a very friendly group indeed which enhanced the experience for me. I feel like I took home something very worthwhile from the seminar and I see how it has inspired and benefited my own professional & personal practice."

- Anhony Phillips L.Ac.

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